Getaway Shootout Online

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5.0 (4 Reviews)
Getaway Shootout is a 2-player shooting game where you have to jump around and kill all other players. You can play this game for free and online on Start by choosing the game mode and your character. Your goal is to get to the getaway objective like a chopper or a truck first. Together with other players, you have to jump to the finish overcoming obstacles. Collect guns, rifles and grenades on your way and eliminate your opponents. Earn money to unlock new avatars.

Enjoy this adrenaline rushing game packed with action and explosions. In the Getaway Shootout online, you don't have to use more than 3 buttons to control your character. In this cool shooter, you have to control a guy all the way to a helicopter at the end of every stage. Collect all kinds of weapons to shoot other competitors to win the race. You can play this game with a friend on the same keyboard and have some hours of pure laughter.

Have fun with Getaway Shootout!



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